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San Francisco sketchings. Hard to believe I’m back in Seattle already.


Okay then, some more filler. “Organic jewelery” and naked superladies, fishes, my first time sketching a house, which I should do more of.


Studies are fun. They actually make me want to take the techniques I learn from them and do more outlandish things with them. Stay tuned?



Only a few more thousand drawings before I get to where I wanna be.

Beetlejuice madoka was Ayden’s idea, and that’s her cat Beezle. I was already drawing Jessica Rabbit for sketch dailies makeup. Jessica Juice. She’s fun to draw. Man. Who loves drawing stripes? Ugghh


#sketchdailies for this week! I am still working on the last two of five. Theyd be done if I hadn’t spent three hours learning how to paint on a computer for the first time. The results look like my earliest Microsoft Paint efforts. Apparently, there is some skill involved.

Monday- Gryffin: I loved my snowy owl/snow leopard combo, though someone else knocked out one similar, with a few others, soon after the theme was announced.

Tuesday - Robot Monster: meh. It dawned on me very slowly that they were referring specifically to this movie, which I know exclusively from mst3k. A lot of good ones came out of this. I wanted to showcase a zipper.

Wednesday - Mermaids: !!! When do you NOT wanna draw mermaids! Especially when gravity is a non-issue. I wanted my mermaids to be DOING something, sort of, so I gave them their own ship.